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  • Writer's pictureJill Johnson I drink shakes and what???

Haha! Hooked you, huh?

If someone told you that all you had to do was drink a yummy superfood shake and you would get in the best health of your life and make enough money to bring in an extra income stream that could cover anything from your weekly lunch budget, your mortgage or even your child's college education - would you believe them?

Friends, believe them. It IS possible and I am living proof.

Hi all. My name is Jill and you have stumbled upon my blog! Welcome.

I am a lifelong writer, shopaholic, toddler mama, entrepreneur/business owner and health and wellness advocate. Yup...all those things.

I have been blogging since 2012 with a little hiatus in between and am starting to get back on track because - oh how I miss writing.

But back to the point of this post...

By incorporating a nutrition program into my life I...

...have lost 30 lbs and kept every single one off

...managed to make my husband even hotter if you can believe that

...will have made 6 figures in a year and half just from sharing my story with friends and family

...met some of the most incredible people who will be lifelong friends

...built a business from the ground up and have a team of almost 1000 people which is growing exponentially every single day

...have more time to spend with my adorable son, Trey aka #CRAZYTREYZIE

...traveled to some of the most amazing places & done bucklist things with my "co-workers"

...finally have found something I love to do and am passionate about

ALL of that from one simple lifestyle change.

Sound like something you might love to learn more about? Message me and let's chat. This lifestyle is for EVERYONE from all walks of life and nothing makes me happier than to share it with people and give them the opportunity to change their lives like I have.

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